Sermon: what's the big deal about rest?

scripture: hebrews 4

2017 Sermons

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sermon: Submit to the word of god

scripture: james 1:18-22

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Sermon: Take up your cross

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Sept 10, 2017 -who's fault? Take responsibility - james 1:13-18

Sept 3, 2017- Living Faith: We Lack, We Ask, God Gives- James 1:5-12

2016 Sermons


Does Your Forgiveness Have Limits? - Matthew 18:21-35

We all have been hurt physically, mentally, and spiritually.  How far can our forgiveness go?  Does it have limits, or are we supposed to have limitless forgiveness in our hearts?  Follow along with Pastor Abe Hodges as we learn about forgiveness.  


Unsuspecting Power & the Influence of the kingdom

Join Abe Hodges as we dive in an "Unsuspecting Power & the Influence of the Kingdom."  Abe will discuss how the Kingdom of God influence our everyday life. 


Parable of soil - matthew 13:1-23

What kind of soil are we?  Are we wet soil, fertile soil, or dry soil?  This parable doesn't talk about the sower or seed.  It talks about the soil we are planted in.  Listen to Abe Hodges to learn more about the Parable of Soil.